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LOL! Don't need as much space as a van hehe

A touring would be the sensible choice, can't stretch to an Alpina D3 though lol, though I do prefer cars with a boot, I like the lines of a coupe or saloon more!

If the Alfa Romeo 159 drove the right wheels I'd already have chosen my car!

Really I need to see what these boards will fit in, I could be thinking they are bigger than what they actually are, if so I really like the idea of the 1 series coupe, or a 3 series coupe if I need a little more roon

They will only be in the car for shows and not at any other time, other things I will need to carry will fit in the E30 or the MX without any trouble so no problem in any of the cars listed!

I do really like the E92 Coupe, though it is rather expensive and from what I've seen both the Mercedes and the 5 series are cheaper the E90 saloon is also cheaper, not forgeting it's a work car so cheap = good I don't want to be spending money if I can help it!!

My main problem is the car must be RWD, there aren't many new RWD diesels out there really!
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