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Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
It won't harm your disc at all.

Editing compressed mp2/VOB files is not something most editing packages like doing (Premiere etc. can turn up their noses at that idea - especially with the compressed audio). If you want to go that way, best to convert them to some sort of AVI. You'll find quite a few tools that can do that (VirtualDubMod is quite good). You can also try by making a copy of your main VOB files and simply renaming them ending in avi/mpg. Will depend on what codecs you have on your PC.

If you want to edit the VOB files (which DVD Decrypter can back up), MPEG Video Wizard from www.womble,com is quite good. Then you need a tool to convert those to a format for YouTube. Remember YouTube uses 30fps (US origin).

This is the main reason that DVD Camcorders are basically utter pants, not ideal for editing - that and the fact that they simply don't work when bolted into a car and put under shocks/loads. BIG

Dave, the only problem i have dude is i have NOOOOOO fcuking clue about computers.

So all that didnt really mean anything to me and im seriously struggling here, ARGH
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