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I was also treated like garbage when I attempted to buy a car from them, the quote I was given was reasonable until I started to haggle, then the quote went higher......I guess they just didn't feel like selling a car?

I've only had 2 experiences with their service department and neither time was I given a loaner or a shuttle service, my SA did try to get me a rental at his price but I declined that offer. One of the trips in was for the oil cooler install which went just fine except that they somehow disconnected the horn wires during the install and when I complained they tried to tell me that they were never near the horn.....I know the front bumper had to be removed to do the install and I know where the horn wires run...guess where....yup..front bumper. I had to make an appointment for them to correct the issue and it was written clear as day on the form: "Horn wires in front bumper are disconnected, corrected issue." Needless to say I didn't like being questioned about them being no where near the front bumper but in the end everything turned out fine.

My second experience had to due with a scheduled oil change/service. Went just fine without a glitch. I'll go back for service because they're local but I refer no one to them as their quality of service certainly hasn't warranted that gesture of kindness.
2007 E90 335I Montego Blue
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