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Originally Posted by matsarge
The hp difference is irrelevant at this point in terms of a true and equal comparsion, once the catback system was added to the car the "control environment" has been modified and you can no longer have a valid comparsion test. All things must be equal on the car to be able to prove the true difference.

Like I said before, I'm not saying there isn't an issue with the intake. What I am saying is that it is now impossible to see what the true difference is because the condition of the car has changed from one dyno to the next.
NO ITS NOT IRRELEVANT. If there had been a difference of 20 hp, we know that the gain could not have come from just the catback, so we would know the stock intake would have played a part in the hp improvement. Thats why I said SIGNIFICANT. Of course we can't see exactly how much hp was lost due to the Fujita, but if there had been a significant difference we would at least know that the intake caused a hp loss(which is all that really matters in this discussion).