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Originally Posted by dkizerian
You really don't understand dynos at all, do you? two dynos of the exact same make, fed the exact same variables, will read two different HP and TQ numbers. Dynos are NOT an exact tool, that's why you have to do a baseline on the dyno you are going to be using, then make the mods, then make another run on that dyno, not on some other dyno.

Also, cars DO NOT make exact HP numbers. Engines, transmissions and drivetrains are built within specs, and if you happen to get one that everything was built at the loose end of spec, and compare it to one that was built at the tight end of spec they will make different power to the wheels.

If you were to take 3 identical 325s and run them on a dyno you'd get 3 different numbers... then if you were to take those 3 cars and run them on 10 different dynos you'd probably end up with 30 differnet HP numbers... hopefully the varience between cars would be the same on each dyno, but that's not even guaranteed.

= childish and stubborn.

Until he runs his car on the same dyno with and without the intake, and with NO other changes then nothing has been proven.
I think getting raped by a stock 325 is enough proof for any reasonable person.