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I have been following your progress so far and your dedication to getting this working is fantastic. I wanted to do this retro fit on my E90 here in the UK but did not have a clue where to start, i think i was also looking at the same equipment you brought on ebay.

With the knoledge that you have posted here, I feel more confident to proceed with this project.

I have just the Pro Radio fitted with just standard sound, no amp (i think). I have had the ipod connector installed and know that the info from the ipod is delivered to the PRO radio via the fibre optic cable. When i fitted a Parrot 3100lcd i had to move the fiber connectors into the parrot loom so it still worked. When the fibre was not connected, no ipod control.

I have a 318d SE 2007 UK. I dont wave any extras like assist or OEM bluetooth. I also do not have a sharkfin.

I am happy to a non OEM receiver/antenna.

I have a couple of questions you may be able to help with, or anyone else.

1.Do you think an istall in my car with no extras would be easier in regards of programming? (no assist or bluetooth ect)

2. Would i need to recode my ipod interface (OEM MOST) to the CCC, or is it programmed into the car.

3. When you hooked this unit up you had no sound, because of the amp needing programming. As i just have a standard PRO radio with stereo sound, would the CCC just output the audio directly to the speakers as my existing unit does. I dont think i have an amp in the car.

If i can get this information i will try and source the equipmet on ebay.

Booster, i really wish you the best of luck getting the unit recoded for the US. If however this turns out to be impossible or just too expensive, give me a shout, if i havent already found some kit, i would be happy to take this of your hands.