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Originally Posted by djdaveyg View Post

1.Do you think an istall in my car with no extras would be easier in regards of programming? (no assist or bluetooth ect)

2. Would i need to recode my ipod interface (OEM MOST) to the CCC, or is it programmed into the car.

3. When you hooked this unit up you had no sound, because of the amp needing programming. As i just have a standard PRO radio with stereo sound, would the CCC just output the audio directly to the speakers as my existing unit does. I dont think i have an amp in the car.
Hmm....interesting questions. Clearly, I'm no expert in this matter but learning as I go! I'm under the assumption that you have to have "Top HiFi" to have a CCC (its standard for vehicles with navigation.) I'm not sure how that will work since you don't have Logic 7. Since you don't have bluetooth/assist, you might find some of the parts you need in the "Professional Nav system retrofit kit" <-- this is a kit to retrofit cars from business nav to professional nav. You can find the wiring for the microphone, etc... here. (I'm also hoping this will be a workable factory upgrade retrofit path for me to get my system coded/programmed!)

Yes, you will need to recode your CCC to work with your IPOD adapter. The CCC is the main controller for the MOST bus and maintains a registration file and device order for all MOST devices. If you swap out radios (from RAD2 to CCC), it won't know your Ipod adapter is there.

I am under the impression that you DO have an amp in the car, even though it isn't the Logic 7 ("Top HiFi") unit. If you have just the "HiFi" system (not Logic 7), I think the amp receives analog signals from the radio, not over the MOST bus, so audio might actually work. I would spend time serious time looking over the WDS for the "HiFi" system and tracing where everything goes to see if you'll get basic audio. I would say all bets are off for everything else to work with the idrive(PDC if you have it, climate control, etc...) without reprogramming. You'll need to get a GPS antenna of some sort (even if its not the sharkfin) - hide it in the dash.

I know, I know...a lot more questions than answers. I'm still experimenting. I would encourage you too also! At some point (soon!), we'll figure out a streamlined upgrade path that will work for everyone.