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I dont have the HIFI option in my car, i just have basic option which is 6 speakers. The HIFI option has 10 speakers and has a 40w amp. The next option is logic7.

I went to BMW web site (UK) to configure a new car. The pro nav is apart of the professional media package. This includes bluetooth pre wire, assist, voice control and the navigation system. 2000 option for my car!

When i select that package, it does not include an audio upgrade. When i complete my order the HIFI option and HIFI PRO option still remail un selected.

This may mean that the CCC can work with a basic audio system, outputting directly to the speakers.

The unit you have has come from a UK car, prehaps with only the basic audio option and thats why you didnt get any audio from the thing.

What are the connections on the back of the CCC?

When you hook it up again could you plug a speaker directly into one of the speaker outputs and see if you get any audio?

Im not intersted in getting the voice contro working ect, i just want the navigation, audio and maybe climate control.

my WDS is on its way to take a closer look.