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If the ccc or m-audio controller has come from a car with the same spec as you then it won't need coding, but I would guess you will always need to code it as the chances of finding a unit that has come from an exactly specced car is pretty slim.

My dealer has said if I get my system in they will code it for me, the only slight snag to that is if the ccc/m-audio unit has come from a car that has an amp and mine hasn't they may not be able to as when they enter my vin number it may say changing this option is not possible, or rather the option to change it is not even there.
However, adding bluetooth, usb etc. etc. can be done as it is under the retrofit list of coding options.

Does it have to be the professional nav system? I have the M-Audio system (business nav) complete with screen, controller and cables spare. I was going to fit it all but think I may be getting something else car wise that I will concentrate on. It owes me around 550, it is coded for a car with no audio upgrade and the sound and tuning etc. works fine in my car which is the same. All parts tested in a car with nav and working fine, would be looking for 300 including a 1 aeries flip up screen. Bought that as I considered fitting that instead, if it didn't look right I would have put the 3 series dash/screen in.