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Originally Posted by Goodfella69 View Post
I placed an order from EAS for the gunmetal csl wheels early April. They told me that they should be here the first week of May. They also said that they would call me a week before letting me know when the wheels should arrive. I never got the call so i decided to call them. They said that rear wheels are on back order and they should be here the first week of June. So i would have to wait another month! I figured i would of gotten a call this week again letting me know that my wheels should be arriving soon, but no phone call! So i decided to call again today and guess what?! Now the wheels won't be arriving till late July or early August! So i decided to cancel my order. So now it's just about to be June and i have no wheels nor do i have any wheels ordered! I live in Jersey so i basically would of had May to Sept to enjoy wheels. I guess that is not going to happy anymore! Thanks EAS and you're distributors of the wheels!
i would just go with SupremePower for the gunmetal CSL's. check out this link:
They have them for a ridiculously low price and they are top notch when it comes to customer service. Plus one of the workers is from NJ too email or or just give them a call at (714) 632-1951. They will hook u up

Originally Posted by kennethpetro View Post
Are you talking about Eastcoast Autosports in Harrison, NJ just of route 280 or am I f**king retarted and it's a website? LOL
i know the place you're talking about.... used them back in the day on my old civic i had. The original poster is talking about EAS an online retailer, not the place in Harrison, NJ- LOL