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Retrofit Update

Well, today I got the dealer I've been working with to allow me to hook the system up (literally on the passenger side floor) to see if they will be able to program it. In doing this, I don't have to risk changing the dash or anything permanent to my pristine car to see if it can be coded/programmed. The shop foreman seems fairly confident that the CCC will work utilizing the existing business-to-professional nav system retrofit software, however, he thinks there'll be a hitch since my CCC is from the UK with a strange part number according to their catalog. (however, the CCC says ECE/US right on it.) People that I have been talking to on the net say that progman will decide if it'll fly or not based on part number. Only progman knows! At least its hope! - Tuesday is the day and I will update on my success or failure of this mission. If it works, I'll order up a dash and completely do it!

Cooling pipes - yes, I have thought of that. There is a small pipe that goes with CCC equipped cars (p/n: 64 11 6 928 875) - I'm not sure what it does (force cool air onto the CCC fan?), but I'm going to order it along with the dash and other parts when its time. I want to make this as close to an OEM install as possible. I'm sure there's a reason for it - a lot of the documentation I've been reading say MOST devices can and will get hot.

Controller - my one-button controller doesn't seem to have a part number on it. The business-to-professional satnav retrofit controller (high) p/n is : 65 82 9 122 027. However, I don't know for sure if this is a one or two button controller - I'm guessing its a two button based on the sketch in the retrofit instructions. I will gladly sell my one-button controller so that I can obtain a two button(!) anyone??

djdaveyg - On Monday when I tear this all apart and hook it all up (for pretend..LOL), I'll try the speaker outputs on the CCC to see what happens. I have no idea if the car my CCC came from was audio-amp equipped though.

As for the RAD2/CCC power supply - Is your car newer than 9/07? Is the "plain" stereo considered "N9"? The way I'm reading the schematic, the power actually comes over connector x13812 to all types of radios. (Beware, I'm reading x13815 as the MOST bus connector.) Although, it is confusing! I'm reading four different fuse locations F11, F14, F31, and F40 depending on equipment and build date. Some RAD2 radios also use 20a fuses. Weird. I am not finding that F56 goes to any radio or related equipment though. Maybe your WDS is newer than mine. Somewhat reassuring, though, is that on all of the diagrams (whether 10A or 20A fuse is shown), all of the power supply lead wiring to pin 15 of x13812 show as "2.5"(mm?) as wire diameter size (regardless of fuse size.) Seems like a safe bet to use either fuse as long as its proper for the application. On a side note, the CID gets its power from fuse F61 (10A) in all applications/build dates.