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Aftermarket parts

Hey there boys,

So since we all BMW lovers and we know what a quality car is all about I was wondering if any of you guys have done aftermarket modifications to your babies. Now I know you can get AC-Schnizter however personally I think it is crap. I have a E92 M3 and waiting for my E92 coupe to arrive end of July. I was hoping if anybody could shine some light on BMW in South Africa concerning motorplan if one had to add on some Dimisatips onto the 335 coupe - BMW is taking their sweet time in trying to answer this one. I have already ordered the 335 brake and suspension performance upgrade for her and the E92 M3 rear spoiler.

From my side I have some good news to report. I have confirmed with BMW that I will be able to add a Vishnu Procede chip onto my 335i so long as I get BMW to install it and ONLY have it serviced at the dealer it is installed at - I have requested that this be put in black and white, I will gladly scan and post it up here if any of you guys are looking at doing the same modification.

Hope to hear from ya BOYZ soon!


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