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Right Peter, been out for a blast today in the bright red Cayman S and had various opportunities to try out the PASM over different road surfaces.

On smooth roads, I found it ok although a bit bouncy and a slight pattering effect. Over more undulating road surfaces more effort is required with the arm muscles as the steering wheel oscillates. None of these attributes effects the overall grip, poise and balance of the car, indeed the already pin sharp handling imo is improved even more! For me the most welcome feature is the improved throttle response which is immediately noticeable. It is akin to having more power in effect as you are utilising the optimum capabilities of the engine. Negotiating tight bends becomes similar to the very capable Carrera 4S I had the other day in this respect.

As for PASM in normal mode, I happended upon a gentleman in a new E90 1.8d LMB M sport this afternoon. This guy obviously fancied his chances against the blonde bimbo in a bright red Cayman (bless eh) and I duly obliged. Lack of power aside, he was 'giving it some' along a road with more than enough twisty bits. He was pushing the M sport to its limits and using ALL the road. I was not on the limit TBH and the Cayman managed more than well enough in normal mode. I had the time to press the switch to 'sport mode' and just kept on pushing the poor guy in front whose wide eyes could be seen in his rear view mirror Serious point being, once in sport mode again, I felt like I was cruising through the bends and he was obviously working hard to push the M sport through the same. I passed him after a while and he became a blur in my mirror. All friendly stuff.

Ultimately, I'm more in favour of the system now than before tbh, just the price and is it such an important option when the opportunity to use it properly could be few . I'm also thinking that the Michelins on the loan car may have a bit more grip than the Bridgestones on mine and are possibly quieter. The more I drive these cars, the more I appreciate how bloody good they are.

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