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Great DIY!!! Thanks!!!

I was very interested in this information because I recently had to take my car to the dealership to have the headlight washers repaired. One day, they just failed to retract. Anyway, the dealership had to replace both nozzle units. As a result, they had to remove my front bumper fascia. I was worried that my bumper fascia and Proform film protection would be damaged. Fortunately, this did not happen.

However, upon first seeing my car after the repair, I thought that the hood was not closed all the way. It was closed. The problem is that the gap between the kidney grills and the hood is now about 3 mm greater after the reinstallation of the front fascia. To determine this, I measured a few new E92's on the lot. The factory gap is about 6 mm. Mine is now about 9 mm. I know that 3 mm does not sound like a big difference, but it is! It looks obviously different and f***ed up to me now. Sorry for not having any pictures. I left my car at the dealership for them to revisit on Monday. I am wondering if I should let the dealership try to fix it or if I should do it myself.

Questions to those who have removed their front bumper fascias: Is there any vertical 'play' in this body panel? If so, what screw numbers in this DIY affect the gap width in question?

Side questions to those E92 (non-xi) owners without the Cold Weather Package: Are there no headlight washer nozzles behind the headlight washer nozzle doors? If not, do your headlight washer doors still hinge open?
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