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Originally Posted by KyleY911 View Post
My father leased me a 325 E90 when they first came out. The cars been great but theres some things i'm not too high on. My says shes been paying around $530 a month as the monthly payments go yet i've seen posts where people claim their paying around $600 a month to lease a 335. Is this true? to be honest i have no idea how leasing works but my lease is up this december and my mom is talking to me about the current situation. Should she be paying around 530 a month to lease a 325? and could we lease a 335 for around 600? Thanks in advance.
I'm no leasing expert... but there are a ton of factors you have to consider here. What money factor (which is like the interest rate) are you getting? How many months is the lease, and how many miles per year? What money do you have to hand over at the lease beginning, and are you doing multiple security deposits? What is the residual value on the car? What are the taxes/fees in your area on leased cars? Etc. Etc. Look around here, somewhere here there's a good lease calculator that allows you to adjust all these factors to see what is a good deal.

Leasing is just like purchasing in that dealers can play funny with the numbers to make you think you have a good deal, but are really over-paying. Just like a dealer can say "what do you want for a monthly payment?" and then sign you up for a ridiculously long loan at a high interest rate that hits that low monthly payment but is not a great deal, they cna do the same thing on a lease - and it is easier because people are less aware of the process.

Right now, shows leases on 328 sedans starting at $429/mo and 335 sedans starting at $519/mo. The coupes are about $70 more per month. Obviously, when you mix in options, that can change things.
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