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Originally Posted by BLM View Post
If you want to have some driving fun but don't want to beat up on the car as much there's always autocrossing... Well less wear-and-tear depending on how aggressive you are autocrossing of course I took the autocross school a couple years back (pretty similar to the car control clinic from the sounds of it) and that was a lot of fun; thinking about entering some actual events this summer.


Yeah I tried autox and simply could not get into it. You stand around all day in a parking lot and drive FOUR MINUTES.

And you're lucky to get out of 2nd gear or faster than 60mph. There is little in autox that compares to a full neutral drift at 80+ mph, like you achieve at 6a-6b at Pueblo. Or getting on the brakes hard to slow the car from 140mph down to the 85mph to enter Turn1.

Different strokes...