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Originally Posted by huchung
It comes with the new HD-DVD blu-ray (1080 picture quality). Those HD-DVD players are rare and cost 1k. The blu-ray blows the DVD out of the waters! The blu-ray stores up to 25gigs (I think) on one side, where as DVDs only store 8 gigs of memory. Thats going to provide extra space for 7.1 channel audios, and better picture quality. I think 600 bux for this system is a steal considering its brand new technology. The XBOX 360 uses regular DVD technology. Anyone wanna line up with when it comes out? ;D
HD-DVD and Blu-ray are two COMPLETELY different technologies for high definition DVD playback. Toshiba designed HD-DVD, and Sony designed Blu-ray.

HD-DVD players do not store 8 gigs; you are confusing HD-DVD with regular DVD.

You should do a little more research; game developers will be releasing games for the Xbox 360 and PS 3 simultaneously; evne Rockstar (who make Grand Theft Auto) have agreed to release for the XBox 360 simultaneously.

In terms of real-world graphics performance, the Xbox 360 is on par with the PS3; furthermore, developers are not going to rewrite the game for the different platforms; they will develop the artwork and models and use the same content on both platforms, with the code recompiled as appropriate.

Sony really looks like they have lost this round; do some research on technology fourms; even rabidly anti-microsoft forums such as Slashdot are slamming Sony for the PS3, and are LOGICALLY arguing that the Xbox 360 will probably take over the market; and this is on a site that traditionally slams microsoft for anything they do.