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Originally Posted by Mike************ View Post
Ummm ok... can you guys take your business 101 discussion to a different thread please? If you know all about running a business, start one, we need more job creation in today's economy... I know that my company has created a lot of jobs this year for our local community.

Mods, please lock the thread as this issue is completely resolved and nothing more needs to be said.
wow. this stuff is precious.

Originally Posted by Mike************ View Post
Let me be clear, we are open to feedback and suggestions. If you want to make a suggestion on how we can improve anything, please e-mail me directly at mike************.com and it will be brought up in our next meeting.

I do not want to see this thread continue to be bumped to the top by 1 or 2 people talking about their opinion on best practices in business that has nothing at all to do with the original topic. That is not fair to us as a company, we work extremely hard for E90Post to bring you new products. Please allow us to do our jobs and do not continue to post in this thread, it doesn't do any good.

Again, if you have suggestions, email me directly. This is your opportunity. My e-mail is mike************.com
obviously your company is not open to feedback. would you rather have multiple negative threads further taking away from your business? it seems as more of a service to you to keep everything in one thread. from what i've seen, it just looks like you want your threads to die due to people continuing to bash on your customer service. if people were praising your company, i'm sure you would not request for a thread close regardless if the matter was resolved or not. however, more people are adding to how they have been dealt with and it is not looking good for you.
i'd be more than happy to run a little search on how your company operates and provide an indepth thread regarding it if that is what you'd prefer. as for suggestions, i'd suggest your company stop making false statements. honestly. not too many people would make a thread regarding your customer service and products if everything went according to plan. in every post you guys type, it is always someone elses fault or that you never recieved anything from the person complaining. really? ..................i mean, really?
this is not specifically targeting your company. however, your company has had far more complaints than any other vendor on here.
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