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I understand. It is that time of the year for me also. Running around like crazy and not getting enough done. I have a report due that has been sitting on my desk for awhile and can't get it done. I must tell you this!

I live near a popular "dice court" (huge parking lot), which has been used illegally for almost 5 years if not longer. Every Sunday it attracts many, many people. You know where the guys show off their skills and make doughnuts and burnouts! I am always amazed at the antics of the BMW drivers, how a driver can spin his car in circles; he gets out and the car continue spinning, he walks away from the car, greet bystanders and then get back in again, all in one smokey motion! Anyway, this dice court was transformed overnight a few weeks ago. The owners of the nearby shops have build speed humps on the whole court. And not just one, every meter or so is a hump. I will send a picture in the week. It looks really funny but it is Bad man, really bad! Of course i understand the shop owners have to clean up the place after the burnouts but the decision is really radical. Not sure where the crowds will go. I liked to see the modified beemers and of course the real dicing happens after the "show" as drivers leave the venue - this part i will miss. I would normally go to the "event" as they are about to finish to get into the dicing/robot to robot stunts. Hope the traffic cops do not read this part.

Hope your work situation will get some relief over the June 16, long weekend. Talk soon.