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Originally Posted by Calgary Agent View Post
Sorry, watch it again a few times. Lewis wasn't trying to time the light / slip by anyone. The pit lane (box) where Kimi & Kubica were sitting is 2 cars wide. It's clear Hamilton didn't even see them when he left his pit .... he opened it up and was driving directly down the middle of the pitlane (to block anyone behind him) and by the time he noticed the 2 stopped cars, locked up & slid into Kimi. Kubica is fortunate he didn't get hit at same time *at least Hamilton chose to swerve left*.

Lewis (and Kubica) are the 2 young stars on the F1 circuit, but young Hamilton needs to calm down and start thinking. This lack of thinking clearly cost him the championship at the end of the 2007 season *where he had 3 or 4 different opportunities to secure the points necessary to win*.
hmmmm, I wonder if he determined while in the skid to hit the ferrari and not the bmw??? Ya know, to take the competition out with him...