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Originally Posted by KL2DC
really out of ideas...haven't been around this area to suggest. I am down for a great drive and to break bread with you guys though...any unused airport runway anywhere near (cue TopGear theme song)

Donny, Im with you. I havent been in the area long enough to know parks and all that well... Im up for any particular location at this point... I set this beast in motion, and now is my busiest time of the year...

So. Here it is... meet at Tysons II and cover up the license plates quickly (so the mall security isnt writing down tags again... It helps that my license plate has changed since last time ) Snap a few quick pics...

Roll out to the point. Meet up around noon at the point. Head over to GW Parkway (beautiful drive, but not too twisty), then maybe some twisties back in the Great Falls area like last time...

We should get these plans set in stone now... just make a decision and go with it...