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Originally Posted by slipknot View Post
I dont like it , its not what I expected at all , too futuristic and for sure not going in production , maybe in five years but it doent matter why cant they just make a supercar like others do
Because that is what everybody else does... they are building a "super" car but it is not to compete with everyone else, it is to get everyone to rethink super cars. It is still a ways out though.

You have to also realize BMW does not have a parts bin like everyone else to pull from. The only car they can pull from a higher range in and make it special is the 7 and soon to be GT from the Rolls Royce Brand.

The R8 from Audi is from the Lambo bin, and when was the last time a "super car" was super or had a point than to sell a lot of posters?