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Originally Posted by Jude1 View Post
You should see 175mph at best. However, you will need the car to be in manual mode to achieve it and you will need to change up at approx 4200rpm with the car in fifth as it will not change up on it's own beyond that. If you leave the car in "D" then 5th at 4200rpm will be about as far as it goes and that's around 153-155mph.

The car will accelerate well upto 153-155mph, but then due to knocking it into 6th at 4200rpm (in 5th), it will slowly climb to around 165mph, before picking up a bit better for the surge from 165-175mph.

I'll be putting this to test at Bruntingthorpe in a couple of weeks time so will let you know how I get on.

Thought I'd update this post of mine.

Firstly the contents of my post above are wrong!! (That'll teach me to listen to theory without putting it into practice first.)

I went to Bruntingthorpe at the weekend for the VMax event, unfortunately my remapped 335d would still not pull past 155mph, which is approx 4100rpm in 6th (and not 5th as I had been told!!). The guy who tuned the car was also there and checked the map to ensure that the limiter had been raised and it had, for good measure he raised it further (??), but it made no difference, the car would just stop at 155mph. The Tuner said that there was not much more he could do but explained that when the infamous DMS 535d was recorded at 175mph at Nardo Testing Track it too seemed to halt progress at 155mph before eventually kicking on again to 175mph, but needed a further 2 miles to achieve this. Bruntingthorpe is only 1.6 miles and I had probably hit 155mph with a half mile left to maybe more distance needed?

Has anyone with a remapped 335d taken it beyond 155mph?

There were still many highlights on the day, one being the run I had against the new V8 M3. I outlaunched him but by the end of the first straight (1/2 mile approx) he had gone a couple of lengths up, I managed to get back in front around the 180 deg bend and had a car lengths advantage at the exit (exit at about 75mph), over the next 1.6 miles he managed to just edge by me very slowly and eventually was only 3 car lengths in front with the gap holding station by the end.