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didnt expect this, im surprised. which is good. well done !

Originally Posted by termigni View Post
hate all you want haters.

this is the most amazing concept i've seen. I can only imagine what will future bring us with other companies copying this 'idea'.

hmm... having watched video.. this is why I buy BMW and not the other. What a brilliant idea, damn it. the headlights are so cool, the whole shape is cool, i dont know what is wrong with you people not imrpessed by this. This is by far the coolest thing I've seen done to a conventional car ever, period! What were you guys expecting? An M1 race car. BORING. Chances are 95% of you won't be able to afford it anyway and what is so groundbraking about BMW race car. Nothing really, just another thing to put up against Porsche and Audi and Merc in the german's arms race. This is so so much more and indeed, this will be copied by everyone now. Bravo. I bet Bangle had this whole idea for a long long time and i'm glad it's getting somewhere. in 10 years may be all cars will be built like this, changeable paint, shapes, etc. Stunning shit!
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