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The Concept is about the Skin

Originally Posted by 320what View Post
why you guys seriously commenting on design.. this is a concept car where concept is the skin of the car... they aren't previewing new design, more like new idea of how to build cars... seems like some people only care about 20in rims and biturbo engine and cf splitters and blacked out grilles here, honestly!

Like... is it really necessary to for 200th time say that Bangle ruined the shapes of 5,7, etc? This is nothing new, and been said gazillion times by often same crowd who keep banging on about the great E30 and how new M3s are fat and unweildy... Ger a room, track nerds, lol.

And keep an open mind!
Thank you. You took the words out of my mouth. The concept is about the skin. It's quite fascinating. There hasn't been a single concept that I've seen anywhere like this. None. Props to BMW for its conceptual thinking. Sure it may not seem practical now, but you never know how this is going to be used in the future.