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Originally Posted by Budgie View Post
Wheres Viv when i need him....looks like another couple of discs coming ure way about NON TECH SAVVY here lol.

I know him and sergei always help me out lol.

Thicko dicko here if u hadnt guessed....oi Carlos is it a essex thing or are we really born dim lol.
PM Me Budgie!

Originally Posted by The Accountant View Post
Does anyone know if I can add the safety camera data to my disk if the disk does not include a map for my country?

I have the 2008-1 disk, but unfortunately it does not have Poland yet.

I don't want to invest the time if it can't work.

I realize all I will see at best is a black screen with the safety cameras and I won't even be sure that they are on the road I am on. But it is still better than having no information about the cameras at all.

Thanks for any help, and thanks for the UK site - it's hard getting info in Poland when you don't speak Polish.

I understand the Polish BMW owners who paid euro 5,000 for navigation and still don't have maps for Poland are fuming, including me - for this reason alone I wish I would have gone Audi A5 - at least they have the map for Poland even if the ride of the car suffers.
Unfortunately, Poland is still not included on the 2008-2 SatNavPro disc. I had a check of the display for Poland & I'm afraid no routes are held on the disk at all.

Only the following countries have route data held on the 2008-2 disk:


Originally Posted by beergut View Post
I bought a E90 06 model, just wondering if I need to update any software on my car to get full use of 08-02 maps ?

What is the main additions of 08-02 as compared to 07-01 ?
You will need a new 2008-2 (SatNavPro I assume?) DVD to replace your older version, & it will be available from a variety of sources.

Each successive DVD release contains updated routes & points of interest (POIs). The 2008-2 disc also has a number of additional search choices.
eg type of restaurant, availability of hotel parking, type of shopping etc

Originally Posted by CrimsonRedE93 View Post
Already on download list Speed cams coming soon
Sergei tells me that his testing has been underway for the last few days, allegedly.
He may now have tested as follows, without any problem:

1 PC with NEC 3520 DL burner using Nero, X4 & X2 burn speed

2 iMac with internal DL burner using Toast9, X4 & X2 burn speed

3 Aone 8x(Ricoh media) DVD+R DL (dual layer): (cheap as 'chips' & seems to work ok, but can't guarantee long-term durability- those 'tight ar*es, who choose to use cheaper media, should take a look here!)

4 Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL:

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Sergei recommends burning using Verbatim DVD+R DL discs at X4 or lower.

He also would like to make it quite clear, to any 'numpties' in particular, that you MUST use dual layer (8.5GB) media with a suitable dual layer DVD burner, if you want to burn the likes of the 2008-2 disc image, which will NOT fit on an ordinary single layer disc.

More information to follow shortly.

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