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So they fixed it for a couple hundred bucks. Not bad, reasonable price, it looks good, and I don't have to worry about that ugly scratch for the second half of my lease. Thanks for the comments and advice.

I had it done while getting my 15k service. After the service, I think I am getting more of what feels like turbo lag. For a few days, I tried to convince myself it was my imagination, but I can't shake the feeling. Feels like about 0.8 seconds between when I floor it and when the power kicks in, whereas before it was easily less than half that.

I know for sure that they upgraded the firmware in the computer, because the whole iDrive system is different and it has new features. I am wondering if they tuned something differently in the engine. It kind of feels similar to the lag I felt in the weeks before my first fuel pump went bad. Anyone else experience this in the 335i after the 15k service?

I guess I should search the forums and probably start a new thread on that, if I can't find anything...