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Triangle or Moble phone icon on your iDrive?

Howdy, I've got a stupid question that is not addressed in the car manual... usually soon after I get in the car I get an icon of a solid triangle (w/o an exclamation point -- this is not a warning sign)... right next to the signal strength indicator on the the bottom info-bar on the iDrive screen. This lets me know that the signal bars are no longer indicating the BMW assist signal strength, but instead, my cell phone signal srenghth...

Well after a few weeks, I got my first call waiting call (while talking to someone else on the phone in the car)... After I switched between the calls, using the button on my phone (I didn't know how to switch between calls usiing the iDrive knob), the triangle switched to an icon of a mobile phone. For about a week after that, I would get the mobile phone icon rather than the triangle icon whenever I drove the car... and after about a week, it switched back to the tirangle icon...

FYI, I've used 2 phones in this car, a Sony Z600 (which only showed the triangle sign) and now I use a Motorla Razr v3 (which temoroarly gave me the mobile phone icon)...

Does anyone know what these icons indicate? and when you connect your cell phone via bluetooth, which icon do you get? (please indicate your cell phone type too)...