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I bought my car from South Bay BMW last month and had a pretty decent experience overall. My sales person's name was Brian. I got a deal at $800 over invoice +MACO :mad: This included floor mats. Mind you I asked for them in advance, he gave us the song and dance about paying for them himself and when he wrote it down on the deal he put down + floor mats my wife and I made sure he changed it to INCLUDES floor mats. Overall a positive experience. Perfect? The controls instruction wasn't great and I had to ask specifially for the velcro discs for the floor mats (thank you forum members).

As for your specific situation: Yeah it sucks when it they nickel and dime you BUT the reality is when we as customers grind for free mats WE are nickel and diming them. Yes it sucks the way they handled it at sale point but you need to share some of the blame as you didn't not get it written in anywhere in your deal and by your own admission don't remember asking for them. At the end of the day to me it seems like they did right by you and sent you the mats so I would think they deserve a second chance.

Just my 2 cents YMMV.