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29 June roadtrip

Same info cross-posted on Hope this is allowed.

I'll be taking a nice long roadtrip this Sunday to unwind a bit and relax prior to leaving for the Independence Day weekend on the 3rd.
Will be leaving from MA, N to NH, W-NW to VT, N as far as Jeffersonville, then coming back in general S-SE direction back to Boston.

I do have specific routes I want to cover, as they were always fun on my motorcycle. The rest I will get plotted down very soon.

Pace: I drive a very relaxed pace, not to be confused with slow. It is spirited, but you will not see me doing sustained runs of 100+ on rural routes. The scenery up in this area is a good change of pace from metro Boston, and so I try to absorb as much of it as possible.

Pit stops: Dictated by a few factors...bathroom breaks, hunger, landscapes, and gas. In the event there are more of you interested in joining me, we will also use pit stops to regroup from time to time.

Course: I will have the specific route I will be taking figured out in the next few days. Everyone joining in will get a copy of it as well as.
Along with the course, we will all be exchanging phone #'s...just in case.

That's pretty much it. This will be an all day excursion for me. If you would to tag along let me know. As always, the more, the merrier