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I have owned a X5 3.0D awesome beast and i miss it still . Porsha im afraid until you have owned a land rover product you wont understand how crap they are my father has had 3 range rovers all purchased brand new and all spent to much time in dealer every one had at least one gearbox replaced and lots of other faults.I bought a discovery and it was the worse buy and biggest depreciating vechicle i ever have had .DIESEL PUMP failed week one gearbox at 9 months and on first service it had so many problems they booked it in for 4 days to go through a fix them piece of shit lost 9k in 12 months .never will buy another .

I currently have use of a 06 defender and that is junk it is like a swimming pool when it rains build quality is shit and drives awful .

please dont knock x5 they are very good