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What a lot of folks dont tell you here is how much they put down in the first place on the car.

I can get you a 335i lease for $1 a month..

But let me show you really quick some issues.

$1,000 down over 24 months is about $42 a month.
$2,000 down over ......................... $83
$3,000 down over..........................$125

Yea sure someone's paying $600 a month. But they put down $3k so really they are paying $725 a month..

What I see most common here is most people pluck down an astonishing $4k out of the pocket so at $600 a month they are really paying $766 a month. I guess its easier to pay more up front and have a lower monthly payment, I mean its much easier to tell yourself and others you pay $600 a month rather than over $700 a month.

For the most part ignore what most people say here. You only find a small percentage of people willing to share what they really pay..

We really need to know

How much they paid in fees
How much cap reduction
Monthly rate
Money factor
Residual value used
Money factor

Each changing just one of a few combos on a lease can make a big difference.. Going from 12,000 miles a year lease to a 10,000 mile a year lease means bumping up the residual values 2% which can make a $20-40 a month cheaper payment.