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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
Hydrogen is a good idea but its really expensive. The catalyst, commonly Platinum, is a pretty expensive material and if there was a market for hydrogen cars, the cost of the catalyst would just increase even more. Not only that but I don't know if I'd want Hydrogen car. I'm not sure how the fuel cells actually react with sparks of energy, but I do know that H2 + oxygen and a flame will cause a release in energy--not sure I'd want to be driving something that may be capable of instantly exploding after a severe car accident. Lastly, i think it takes energy to make the fuel for the hydrogen cars--correct me if I'm wrong. & if it takes energy, it most likely comes from Coal Power plants which is what the US primarily uses as a source of energy. From what I remember, the US hasn't built a new nuclear power plant since the 1990s and alternative energy is still a small %age.

Please do not forget that gasoline is another fuel source that contains a lot of energy and can explode.
Anyways, I think Hydrogen fuel can be used in a modified internal combustion engine. However, the problem is being able to store it long term because it can just leak, like air leaking from a balloon.