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Originally Posted by Porscha! View Post
Thanks for the advice, I have a DSLR - a Nikon D40 with "only" 6megapixels but it is fine for me, I am told the pixel size is bigger than on a compact camera??
Yeah, it's not (just) the amount of megapixels, it's how big each megapixel is. That's what confuses people into thinking that an 'Eight Megapixel' compact is 'better' than a 6 megapixel D-SLR.

I strongly recommend getting yourself an old film camera, there are loads and loads of beautiful old examples available on ebay, I have bought quite a few cameras, lenses etc. on ebay and only ever had one bad experience.

Originally Posted by Porscha! View Post
Can you buy lens that are interchangeable from Film SLR to DSLR? Or it that not possible?!
The short answer is: yes, but.... You can use an old Nikon lens on a D-SLR but you have to factor in the fact that your D-SLR's sensor will be physically smaller than the piece of film (roughly 35 mm wide) that film cameras used. So, there is a 'cropping' which means, among other things, that an old Nikon wide-angle 20mm lens will not be so wide angle on your D-SLR. Depending on the 'crop factor' (ie how much smaller your sensor is than full 35mm), the focal length ofthat lens could, when used with your Nikon D40, be something more like 35mm. Of course, you could get round this by buying a 'full frame D-SLR' such as the Nikon D3, but these cost serious money, like 2.5K. This will change with time of course, and probably one day kids wil marvel at our fogeyish tales of less-than-full-frame sensor sizes.

Another major factor is teh risk of dust getting onto your sensor when you change lenses. This can be a real pain and unless you have one of the newer models, with inbuilt mechanisms to combat dust, you can change lenses a few times (even being careful) and find yourself getting any number of nasty black spots in the same places in every single photo. Not nice.