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I like HDR stuff and I love it best with pics like the 2nd one above, some of them on the forums do make me laugh though.
Really like that one above though, I would crop the top and bottom off more and print that as a really wide panoramic shot.

I think people worry about things too much with photography and in some ways I blame SLR's and digital, I personally don't mind if a pic is out of focus slightly, or has loads of iso noise in there, it is the pic itself that matters.
Some of my favourite pics from professioanal photgraphers often don't have the sharpness you would expect to see, but they still work as entertaining pictures.

Also a compact can be good if you learn its strengths and weakness'. This is a panasonic LX2, crap in low light but set it to under expose a bit and it suddenly works....

This is a Leica, which is riddled with noise at higher isos, and I am talking as low as iso800, but you can get it to work for you to add something to the picture.....

And the Leica again, I do take pics of strange things......

And this is the Leica with an F/1.4 summilux lens at iso200, clean as a whistle....

This pic was out of focus, but I liked it, so using Alien Skins Film simulator plug in it became something that was printable as it didn't need to be perfect.

I will post up a couple of pics of the Canon 400d with the 28mm f/1.8 USM lens later as I have been blown away by that combo. For a small lightweight slr set up it really is nice image wise, the colours have a really nice feel to them. The Nikon D300 got the sack when I got that lens, I really am that impressed with it. As soon as the 6D or whatever it is called is released I will swap for that, but for now I am more than happy with the little 400d.