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Originally Posted by Porscha! View Post
Love that street scene but I do like very odd photos lol! Tres cool
It just caught my eye, I thought that is the last place I would want to be going down in a wheel chair, couldn't see where it was leading and it felt a little spooky!

That Leica was only a Digilux 3 slr using the four thirds system. I actually sold it recently along with my Nikon D300 and the lens and my Fuji F30, Panny LX2 and Leica C-Lux 3 to help pay for an M8 rangefinder with a nice f/1.4 lens.
However with the CEO getting the sack at Leica, and no one really knowing if the M8 was going to get a full frame update or whether it was being replaced it didn't seem like the right time to be dropping that sort of money down (3500) on a camera and one prime lens.

So for now I am holding on, and think I will get the replacement for the 5D, there is a talk of a 6D, full frame and around 12m pixels, which would be just the ticket.
If Leica do announce an M9 at Photokina then I may go for it, but depends on the price.

He is a pic from the 400d with the 28mm prime, I just love the colours from it....

And even with black and white I don't feel it needs correcting temp wise etc.

They will get touched up, cropped and finished in photoshop but thought I would post them anyway.