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Originally Posted by SoYank View Post
Not all lenses will work fully with all bodies, though. For example, with my Nikon if I coupled a lens that was fairly old and without the electronic feedback, the body won't be able to do proper metering and may not be able to autofocus.

I took photos of a cheetah in Africa and for some reason, no matter how carefully I cleaned my gear, the spots were always in the same place. The same thing happens on the leopards, too.
Oh yeah, absolutely. All my post covered was one part of one particular aspect of teh matter! To be fair, some old lenses won't give you a problem with metering, it depends on the camera for one thing - if the metering is done on the body then you're probably ok.

With the money you'll spend kitting yourself out with a decent D-SLR and a couple of digital lenses, you could buy an old manual focus film camera, and an old auto-focus film camera, and a couple of lenses for each! But then you'll have to pay for film and processing of course.