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i hear you. Lawell is known for German (porsches, bmw, mercedes). I had shortlisted my tuners to ONLY Euro tuners as well. But now that they want to raise the prices.

maybe its hard from me, coming from honda tuning to now euro tuning to bite the cost... i know they're bemers, but again it is a spring install, not a engine swap we're talking about.

Your deal for $350 is very good. I wouldn't think Houston would be more expensive than Cali... you guys make more there.. lol.

So, more responses would be welcomed:

1) trust a good quality non euro tuner? yes or no?
2) Would i definitely want an alignment after lowering (i know most people say so, but i know Hunter on here was suggested he doesn't need it, by a reputable bmw tuner in Houston.

Originally Posted by HRC
I prefer Euro Tuner shops for obvious reasons. I had the same problem in terms of expensive installs. I searched for the best deal withen the euro community, over 50 miles away, but worth it though. I got a pretty good deal for the Norhern California area, $350 to install springs/shocks and alignment. I wouldn't trust a non-euro shop to work on my car.