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I just finished my first oil change at 3950 miles and have a couple of comments. I mostly followed E90wraith's instructions, but found it interesting that he said that the oil fill cap removes easily by turning it clockwise. Mine came off by turning it counterclockwise which is generally the direction to remove most screwed devices. I wonder if that was an error in the directions or if for some reason some caps come off clockwise and some counterclockwise?

Also I put wheel chocks behind my rear tires once my E90 was on the ramps for added safety along with putting the car in park(steptronic) and parking brake engaged. I heard once that most fatalities from working on cars come from the mechanic working under the car and the car slipping off the jack, jack stands or ramps. It just isn't worth it to add to that statistic.

Other than that, I put in 6.9 quarts of new synthetic oil, drove around the block a couple of times until I got an oil level reading and when it lit up, it showed max.