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hydrogen is an explosive gas, unlike gasoline that'll just burn.. hydrogen goes KABOOM! just think about those rear-end collisions. A ford focus powered by hydrogen was at my school afew months ago, the hydrogen tank took up the back seat and the whole trunk. The engine looks the same but yeah... that sucker is HUGE! anyway.. it cost alot more currently to fill with hydrogen than to stick w/ plain ole' gasoline lol, i believe there is a WAYY better solution to fueling cars. Why dont engineers incorporate Electrolysis?????? What electrolysis? its when you run a current through water and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. We can use the hydrogen as Immediate fuel (rather than storing it in some massive tank in the trunk) and use the oxygen to burn it that is the solution! Making cars run on water. You need electricity so a small gasoline engine that runs a generator would work, but then again... you can use the same energy produced by the electrolysis to run it :P of course there will be wasted energy that goes into heat and friction of moving parts, it'll still be less waste than what we're getting burning gasoline. Just think about it.. recycled power, turbos make more power by basically recycling the heat and exhaust pressures to spin turbines to make more power, of course there is more fuel needed but damnit, if the car runs on water it doesnt even matter, its like one super-zero emission machine! The vapors will be turned back into water which can be used OVER and OVER again. there will be minimal loss if everything is sealed up correctly, u might need some extra bottles of zephyrhills, if you dont have water, use ice, if you dont have ice use lake water, if u dont have a lake nearby, Nature will let you know what to do lol

electrolysis isnt new technology, basically 2 plates of metal seperated by a non-conductor. You add some salt in the water as the electrolyte and run a current through it. Positive on one plate and Negative on the other. there will be bubbles forming from the top, thats the hydrogen