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Yup, this just cured 9 months of aggravation for me in 30 seconds. I bought my 328xi with 5k miles, and it had a lurchy start from day one. I learned later that if I pushed the pedal down further, faster, it would get beyond the "lurchy" bit better than if I pushed the pedal a reasonable distance.

After having done the "reset" there is now noticably smoother acceleration from first contact with the pedal all the way through pushing it down.

MY thoughts on what's going on is that there is probably a pedal travel sensor that learns if you have a heavy foot or a light one, and responds accordingly. The previous owner probably pushed down harder than I do, so for D mode, it required a heavy foot to accelerate smoothly. Now having done the reset, the pedal is far more sensitive to my lighter foot.

Therefore, not sure if this is about the transmission, or the gas pedal, but the reset definitely solved a long standing problem that a dealer software flash could not solve.