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That looks pretty good man - be careful if you're ever considering a suspension upgrade. Even with my stock bumper, I'm scraping all over the place....and that's with MAX ride height!

Regarding Dinan - I'm not a big fan. I guess I don't see the point unless you REALLY believe that the tunes will cause engine failure. One of the other guys has it on his XI and he's getting like 260whp uncorrected. With V2, we're getting around 320whp uncorrected at altitude. Granted, it's I vs. XI, but I can't imagine that drivetrain losses can't explain all 60whp difference.

If you'd like to feel what V2 is like, I'll be down in Pueblo second weekend in July. I can take passengers ---as long as you use the bathroom first. Last person who rode with me on track got a little ummm, wet. Guess 1.2Gs in a corner is not something normal people are used to, lol.