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Revisiting thread after a couple of months driving my 335i, my first MT. Process is generally going fine and MT is definitely becoming more second nature. Two questions/minor issues.

First, I encounter two very steep hills during my daily drive: one at the top of my street, where I need to pull out into traffic (have to stop at the top of the incline, check for traffic, then pull out) and a second when I pull out of my parking garage downtown seattle, which is dead center in one of the steepest hills downtown. I've got to rev the engine fairly high on these inclines to prevent a stall (still stalling it probably once a week on these hills) and I have concerns about premature clutch wear. My guess is that there's nothing I can really do other than just trying to perfect the amount of gas to give it to minimize the issue.

Second, still having issues with downshifting. Try to blip the gas during the downshift but still get a noticeable jerk most times I'm downshifting for fun (to get more torque) rather than low RPMs. Exactly how much of a blip should I be giving this thing?