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If I don't get reincarnated I'm screwed.

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Originally Posted by anmcguire View Post
They failed to put your seat back? That's so typical of the horrible service BMW gives. You should take your car back to the stealership and demand that they put your seat back into its original position. You should then demand a refund from the service manager. Don't buy that "your service was free" line either, demand a refund anyhow. Be sure to be firm and put your foot down. Make sure you let them know who's boss. How dare they? Make them bend to your will. Break them down shotgun style if necessary. If that doesn't work call BMWNA and demand a refund from them.
I'd lemon that car for freakin' sure. It'll never be the same once the seat is put back in the original position! Bugs the heck out of me how they think they can get away with playing around with our property. I can just imagine the grease monkey sitting there with the AC blasting making my seat go back and forth and...back...and...forth... and...god knows what the hell he's eating and whether he farted on my seat or what. That's why I never take my car to the stealership for anything. Not even "free" oil changes. I can't handle the anxiety. Lying, cheating sob's everybloodyone of them.

...I think I'm feeling better now.