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Originally Posted by E30M3Driver View Post
LOL, I think you know that E30M3 flying off turn 6 was me, you must have been in JL's car as I think he was one back behind the EVO that was right behind me. One of those cases of taking the safe(est) way out. I had been running street tires and was flying up 5 and into 6 with no braking or lift and I fly through 6 into 7 as fast as anybody in that little M3. But I switched before lunch to r-comps and that gave me an extra few mphs and by the time they got hot, I carried too much speed into 6 that time, still no brake or lift. Since the EVO was RIGHT behind me, I didn't want to try to save it and get sideways in front of him or go over the curbing sideways, so I just drove straight off to keep it all clean as possible.

It was great seeing everyone's 335i's there.
Haha - I didn't want to point anyone out. But it was quite entertaining to watch.

I hope that when that happens to me, I have the presence of mind to do the right thing like that.

FWIW - I really really like the Nitto NT01. Not quite as fast as the Victoracers, but I got 9 solid days out of them. I rotated them like a madman, flipped em on the rims after day 5 and I wore them to the point where there were no grooves and no drill marks! No chunking, no blistering, no splice of doom. I probably could have done another half a day, but I figure I didn't want to discover cords at 100mph+