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i bought my bmw with safeguard and such so i would put gas in it, pay for it, and drive it. then get rid of it.

just went through the whole audi A4 experience to 104K miles and my TCO was $580/month for a car that was butt slow, peeling interior, and not nearly as fun as the 335i. I did alot of PM , some mods to make it how i wanted it to look, and many repairs, still about 2G worth since the warranty ended at 100K miles. so now i have a needs-repairs worth about $5K total street value (after the 2k repairs) audi.

The extra hundred bucks a month or so to have a monster without any worries (on-star, free service, free tire replacement when nails) and a very positive experience with the car for me is worth it. I ride share to work so our total cost of ownership and importance of having one great car is much easier to swallow than if you had to rock two decent cars and two gas bills every day.

dinan fits my lifestyle. no worries mate.

I think OSX sucks i use my mac for light surfing, parallels (XP pro) and firefox and frontrow. thats it.
2008 335i montego | stock
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