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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
Here's how I see it... Dinan is Macintosh and Vishnu Tuning is PC in the sense that you don't really get to mess with much on a Macintosh because everything is pretty much set
I guess I really do not see the analogy here as both can be changed. However and IMO, these comparisons are pointless. Dinan makes a tune which has decent power but matches the factory warranty; which is paramount. This is certainly of value to give a peace of mind. There is nothing at all wrong with that and I was certainly considering it. However, I then thought of what I will truly end up doing with this car and being locked down would not work in the future.

In other words, we all have reasons for our decisions which suit our capability, desire and/or intentions. That decision will make that choice of tune the best one for the individual.