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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
Actually, this is an incorrect assessment.

But now that is irrelevant as V2 and V3 do not require a solenoid bypass.
I disagree. The bypass as performed in the video seen herehttp:// is dangerous. It is still relevant because it is representative of the shortcuts taken by the creator with the product.

I have taken pics from the video to highlight the area of concern. The colors are just overlays from the video.

Vacuum hoses located.

Colors overlayed. Still in stock configuration.

Rear Accumulator removed from rear solenoid- Blue color.

Tee removed from rear solenoid.

Supplied coupler ready. Note: Hose to front solenoid and rear wastegate are connected and never removed from Tee.

Supplied coupler inserted. Ready to connect rear accumulator hose.



Ready to go. Notice that there is no solenoid between the red and blue lines. In the 2nd photo, these lines are seperated by the solenoid, hence the method of control. In the last photo, the rear system is connected to the front system, but on the wrong side of the solenoid. In other words, the yellow hose won't see vaccum from the front accumulater until the front solenoid opens, but it and the red hose always see the vaccum from the blue as they are connected via the T. The front solenoid has very limited control if any in this arrangement.

In order to do what you describe, the blue hose or rear accumulator should have been Tee'd to the front accumulator hose before the first solenoid. This would have given full control to the front solenoid. The way this connection is described in the video explains the limps and problems seen with the initial product. This, in my opinion, was a negligent shortcut and the reason I chose to pass on Vishnu.