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same point I was making, it doesnt matter where you get it done, its a matter of having trusted mechanics. I seen bum-mechanics at dealership when i had my MB. My favorite Shell gas station near by is owned by a car fanatic that drives a Porsche and MB SL, he is so popular that I see mostly cool cars in his garage too, ie. M5s, TL, Accords, e320s getting $2000 clutch jobs and brake jobs.
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The shop I ended up going to was not Euro-only. They service a mix of cars, Japanese and Euro. They have done alot of BMW's in the past, and if you look at my thread entitled "dropped", you'll see a nice M3 getting work done the same day I was there. This is huge for me, to know they work on BMW's. But even if they didn't, if I really trusted them, I would let them do the install. You know, maybe they dont really work on BMW's, but they work on REAL nice Japanese imports, and not just civics. So, if you trust the guys to do quality work, go for it!

In the end, if they do quality work and run into a problem, they will tell you. Worse case, no install, no charge. Plus more often then not, quality people work at good shops so if you do have a problem later, they will take care of you.

Good Luck!

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