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Originally Posted by NeoE46 View Post
Good results with the Dinan Flash. The car is fast already and anything that makes it faster and comes with a little engineering amd warranty behind it is awesome.

I saw the Vishnu products before I even purchased my car. I was planning to get one, but was confused by the whole solenoid bypass design. The first and most obvious question was why was there a need to do a bypass??? If the device has true control of all the required paramaters (inputs to ECU) why would there be a need to do this? Well, I looked and looked and diagramed the system and watched the install video over and over. No matter how many times I did, the rear turbo wastgate ended up cponnected directly to the vaccum accumulator. I asked a question but was rebuffed by fan boys. The majority opinion was that both accumulators were hooked up through the front solenoid to keep duty cycle times the same. I don't deny that the rear accumulator has a path to the front solenoid, however, it is on the wrong freakin side and has a direct path to the wastegate. I decided to wait. Not a week later, the forum was awash with people with ticking and whiring noises from the.....drumroll......rear turbo wastegate. What did the majority of these people share in common??........Vishnu.

I am glad his new systems don't rely on the bypass, but the fact still remains that the initial attempts were not ready for prime time......and let's not forget the daily limp mode posts with the products. I am all for pay to play, but do your homework on your own dime....that is what I expect when I pay for a product.

Sorry to vent. I read the post and thought the comments from Shiv were unecessary. I read all of the marketing hyperbole in his posts about technical prowess and engineering capability. He appears to have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.....hence the continuous release of new versions as he continues to learn what he claims to already know.

Just my .02
why are you arguing the bypass methods of the 1st version of Procede in a Dinan thread?